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                  THE LAB TERMS

Welcome to The LAB ART website. THE LAB is a non-profit Association for Experimental Art and Culture (Reg. No. 580751618), located at 119 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. Any payment made for donation through the website is subject to these terms and conditions.


The use of masculine language is for convenience only and applies equally to all genders. The Lab website (hereinafter "the website" and "the Lab," respectively) serves as a representative site providing information about The Lab, its exhibitions, and events. As The Lab is a non-profit organization, the website also facilitates donations (hereinafter "donation"). You are welcome to browse the website and make donations subject to your acceptance of the terms of use detailed below. Using the website and making a donation through it constitutes your declaration that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

The use of this website, including all its content and services, file downloads, media such as images and videos, and various content offered to visitors, may change from time to time. The website management reserves the right to update these terms of use from time to time without notice or special mention across the website’s various channels.


Donations to The Lab can be made using the donation button (Donate) on this website and according to the website's terms and conditions. Donations will be processed via credit cards and will be considered complete upon approval by the credit card company. Donors will receive a donation receipt from The Lab by Section 46A of the Income Tax Ordinance.


The website allows for registration to receive The Lab newsletter, which will be sent periodically at The Lab’s discretion to the email address provided. The website commits not to share any user information with any other party and not to offer subscriber data to any commercial entity or any other entity. Despite the above, the website management reserves the right to use user data for internal statistical purposes and to improve the browsing experience.


The website and all information contained within it, including the site design, site code, media files, graphics, videos, images, texts, downloadable files, and any other material presented on the site, are entirely owned by The Lab website and constitute its exclusive intellectual property. No use of these materials is permitted without prior written approval from The Lab. Note that the right to use any information on the website is granted to the user of the site only. The user is not permitted to grant permission to a third party to use any information, whether visual, textual or any other type, whether for compensation or without compensation. It is emphasized that no commercial use of the site's content is permitted. Additionally, it is forbidden to distribute, copy, duplicate, publish, imitate, or process images, graphics, designs, texts, videos, trademarks, logos, or any other media and content without prior written approval from The Lab. It is emphasized that all intellectual property rights for images and texts of the artists who exhibited at The Lab are owned by them, and no use of any kind in any medium or any publication and distribution method, whether printed, digital, electronic, or any other means, is permitted without prior written approval from The Lab. The Lab reserves the right to sue without prior notice anyone who infringes copyright and intellectual property rights concerning all works presented at The Lab, whether the infringement was through this website or any other means, whether done in good faith or otherwise.


We strive to provide you with uninterrupted information on the website, but interruptions in site availability may occur due to technical reasons, third-party disruptions, or other considerations. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the website will be available to you at all times. No financial or other compensation will be provided due to service interruption or website downtime, or any other site operation disruption.

External links on the website do not constitute a guarantee that these sites are safe, high-quality, or reliable, and you should know that visiting them is done at your discretion and responsibility, and they fall under the sole responsibility of the website users. The content offered on the website is the exclusive property of the site, and no use may be made of it that contradicts these terms and conditions, except where otherwise stated or in cases where the copyright belongs to an external body. In such cases, the external site's terms of use should be checked and followed as stated on the external site to which the content belongs.


The website management reserves the right to block any user, whether by blocking their computer's IP address, MAC address, or even according to their country of origin, without the need to provide an acceptable reason or explanation to the user. The website management will do everything possible to protect the details of registered users on the site and those subscribing to the newsletter through the site. In cases where a third party manages to access the information, it is agreed that users, site visitors, and members will have no claim, demand, or lawsuit against the site, its managers, employees, or the staff and managers of The Lab. The website management will not be responsible for user information following a cyberattack or malicious activity by any party within Israel or outside it. The website undertakes not to transfer customer details to third parties unless required to do so by law.


This website uses cookies (especially for registered users and subscribers) and internal statistical interfaces to maintain anonymous statistical records of visitors, and analyze visitor traffic, browsing habits, click analysis, and time spent on the site. Blocking the use of cookies by the user may cause parts of the site to operate less efficiently than when using cookies. At all times, except for users logged into the site, the information stored is completely anonymous and does not include the user’s name or any other identifying details. The website may collect non-personal identification information about users when they interact with the site. This information includes the browser name, the type of computer, and technical information about the user's means of connection to the site, such as the operating system, internet service providers, and similar information.


When you use the website and in the event of any dispute, you agree that the above is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Israeli law using the Israeli court system in the Tel Aviv district.


If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or our data practices, please contact us at:

THE ART LAB Association for Experimental Art and Culture

This Terms and Conditions Policy is effective as of May 21, 2024.

תקנון האתר

"When I founded The Lab several years ago, my vision was to create a space for artists, managed by artists, free from the constraints of traditional gallery models. I couldn't have anticipated how quickly The Lab would rise to prominence in the local art scene. Today, The Lab is not only a vibrant hub offering innovative and thought-provoking content but also a thriving community of artists, curators, art professionals, and the public." - Curator Sharon Toval 

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